How would you like to enhance your pension – without increasing your contributions?
It sounds like an ideal proposition – get more, without having to pay more – yet in many circumstances it’s perfectly feasible to get more from your pension plan, by astutely switching to a superior plan”

James Brewster


… a pension is arguably the biggest, commitment we make in life… but ironically many of us devote more time considering where to go on holiday, or comparing everyday shopping purchases, than we spend considering if we’re getting the best value from our pension, and yet, it can potentially mean significantly more money in your pension pot over time.
If your savings were in a low interest paying bank or building society account, you would no doubt be very keen to switch them to a higher rate account where they will rightfully earn you more money.
It is a similar scenario with your pension plan – particularly if it is languishing in one of the older type, more costly or underperforming schemes. It may be very well worth your while considering switching your pension into a more efficient plan.
We can also arrange and implement pension plans for individuals and companies to start saving for retirement and have a comprehensive full range at retirement solutions, including annuities, income drawdown accessing tax free cash and the new Flexi-Access Drawdown.


At a Glance

An annuity is a series of payments made at selected intervals, normally purchased with your pension fund, but can be from your own capital. The level of payment is dependent upon age, annuity rate, size of fund and options selected.



With recent legislation, now every employer with at least one employee has to provide a work place pension we are able to offer complete end-to-end Auto-Enrolment solution. Auto-enrolment is not authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Company Funded Pension Schemes

As a director of your own limited company your business can fund your pension scheme for your future or set up group personal pension schemes for your employees.


Existing Pension Review Service

We offer a comprehensive, existing pension provision review service for your current pension pots. It may be that you have several different pensions, with several providers – we review existing providers, funds, investment performance and the investment strategy and advise on the most suitable options available to you and if required, make any recommendations.
The review will comprise of:
• Ascertain your Attitude To Risk
• Ensuring that the pension and funds are appropriate to the level of risk you are prepared to accept
• Comprehensive individual fund performance review and analysis and where required arranging fund switching
• Provider review
• Individual pension performance review and analysis
• Appropriate fund diversification and investing in a model asset allocation and derisking the funds invested in as you approach retirement (if required)
• Analysis if pension consolidation is the best option
• Offering an annual review service to ensure your investment is in line with your goals, keep pace with government and legislation changes, review individual fund performance and ensure your money works hard for you
Potential benefits of consolidation:
• A more cost effective scheme may allow for quicker growth
• A pension with a better performing fund may allow for quicker growth
• No need to increase any pension payments you are making now
• Older style ‘with profit’ pensions may not be attracting any bonuses
• We offer an annual review service to ensure pension is on track and update any new legislation
• Consolidation into one provider reduces paperwork


Impaired and Enhanced Annuities

Individuals in poor health (or those with a known medical condition e.g. diabetes) may apply for higher annuity rates due to their shorter life expectancy. Some individuals may be offered enhanced rates due to their lifestyle or physical condition, i.e. smokers or clinically obese.


Income Drawdown

With the new pension landscape there are now many options around how you can access your pension pots, how much you want to take as a lump sum and if you require an income or not. Where once there were only two flavours of income drawdown, now there is New Drawdown or Flexi-access Drawdown which provides the flexibility of when you take lump sums or income. You can keep your pension fund invested for potential growth, while still accessing lump sums and taking an income.


Personal Pension Schemes

Saving in to a personal pension is extremely tax efficient. The Government give you tax relief of 20% on any of your contributions (up to annual allowances). If you put £80 in to your pension, the Government would add £20, making £100 in to your pot. Personal pensions allow you to save independently from any work based pensions, saving monthly or investing lump sums or a combination of both.


Personal Pension for Children

Children (under the age of 18) can also save in to personal pensions, with the same benefits and features available to adults, tax relief is also applicable to any contributions and a fantastic way to save for child’s future.


Self-invested Personal Pensions (SIPP)

A SIPP is a personal pension plan that allows the investor to make investment choices, the SIPP provider normally has a wider range of investments to choose from: unit trusts, bonds, with-profits, commercial property and equities.


The value of your pension can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the original amount invested.