We’ll guide you every step of the way, determine how you feel about investment risk and how this translates to the potential rewards then onto investment implementation and review”

James Brewster


… from starting a Junior ISA (Individual Savings Account) for your baby or child, saving monthly in to a ISA, lump sum capital investments into bonds, or reviewing your existing investments – we offer independent advice suited to you and which complement how you feel about risk.

There are many different investment vehicles and investment types. At James Brewster Financial Services we take the time to fully understand how you feel about risk (known as your attitude to risk), investment aspirations and goals. We then design and implement an investment strategy to complement your objectives.

After your money is invested we offer an annual review service to evaluate performance and make any adjustments required to ensure they keep on track and meet your aims.


At a Glance
Existing Investment Review Service

We offer a comprehensive, existing investment review service for your current savings and investments. We review existing providers, funds, investment performance and the investment strategy and advice on the best options available to you and if required, make any recommendations.
The review will comprise of:
• Ascertain your Attitude To Risk
• Ensuring that the investment and funds are appropriate to the level of risk you are prepared to accept
• Comprehensive individual fund performance review and analysis and where required arranging fund switching
• Provider review
• Individual investment performance review and analysis
• Appropriate fund diversification and investing in a model asset allocation (if required)
• Utilisation of tax wrappers and product selection
• Inheritance Tax planning when needed
• Offering an annual review service to ensure your investment is line with your goals, keep pace with government and legislation changes, review individual fund performance


Enterprise Investment Scheme

The Enterprise Investment Scheme is designed to help smaller, higher-risk companies raise finance by offering tax relief on new shares in those companies that qualify. For the investor, it’s a tax efficient way to invest in small companies.


Guaranteed Investment Bonds

Guaranteed Investment Bond offers you potential growth from stock-market investments but which guarantee some or all of your initial investment.


Income Bonds

Investment Bonds that offer a regular income, either monthly, quarterly or annually. There is no fixed term and the capital can be withdrawn at any time.


Investment Bonds

Investment bonds are life insurance policies, where lump sum capital is invested in one or several different funds.


Junior ISA

Junior Individual Savings Accounts (ISA’s) are a long-term investment in stocks and shares, with profits or cash there is no tax payable on any capital growth or dividends. Investments can be made by a lump-sum or a regular monthly amount. For children under the age of 16. Dividends are taxed at source and cannot be reclaimed. 


Individual Savings Accounts

ISA’s allow monthly or lump sum investments in to a range of different assets without paying income tax or capital gains tax on your returns. This tax year 2016/2017 £20,000 can be invested in a ISA per person.


Tax Exempt Savings Plans

Provided by Friendly Societies, allow investors a further tax break to build up a tax free lump sum in the future, maximum contribution is £25 per month or £270 per year.


Unit Trusts & OEICS

A unit trust is a pooled investment, contributed to either monthly or as a lump sum. In a unit trust, a fund manager buys bonds or shares in companies on the stock market on behalf of the fund.
OEICs operate in a similar way to unit trusts except that the fund is actually run as a company. It creates and cancels shares rather than units when investors buy in to or sell part of their holdings.


Venture Capital Trust (VCT)

Venture Capital Trusts invest in small businesses to help them grow.



With-Profit investments aim to give you a return linked to the stock market but with fewer ups and downs (knowing as smoothing) than investing directly in shares as you can potentially get a share of profits in the form of annual bonuses added to the policy.

The value of units can fall as well as rise, and you may not get back all of your original investment.
The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Trusts